Ubos powers ko but I made it. Tulugan na! :)

Little happiness in a little box.

This will keep me company for this week. Excited!

Selfie ng dalawa with melona! Haha! @ishiangers

♥ #Allegiant

Sayaaaa. After ilang years, you guys are still the same. Namiss ko kayo! You missed the fun azel, memen and jean, we miss you!

Ubos na.


Hi there! Hihihi

Just because tonight she doesn’t feel blank. Good night =)

This is just too sweet. ♥ Read the story behind the notes on her IG ♡ #jcandb

This is one of the many things I miss when I’m away from home, Papa’s real good food.

"Always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, then who will sweetie?" - Marilyn Monroe #bestvibes